Elite+ Laser Treatments


Fitzpatrick Skin Types

  • Type I - Always burns, never tans, light colored hair and eyes
  • Type II - Usually burns, tans with difficulty, light skin, blue or light colored eyes
  • Type III - Sometimes burns but usually tans, eyes darker in color, slight coloring to skin (example: Northern Mediterranean or Asian).
  • Type IV - Rarely burns, tans easily, dark eye coloring, definite darkening of skin color.
  • Type V - Very rarely burns, dark hair and eye color (example: Southern Indian, Spanish, Spanish-African American).
  • Type VI - Very dark skin color, dark coarse hair, dark eyes (example: African)

Pigmented Lesions with 755 nm — Skin Types I-IV (no sun exposure past 4 weeks)

  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Solar lentigines
  • Freckles
  • Age or liver spots
  • 755 nm wavelength absorbed by melanin
  • Melanocytes with high concentrations of melanin are primarily located in the dermal epidermal junction (superficial)
  • Short pulse width to break up melanocyte
  • Small or large spot size depending on size of lesion

Vascular Treatments with 1064 nm — Skin Types I – IV

  • Wavelength, fluence and pulse duration are chosen based on the type and size of target vessel treated
  • Smaller more superficial vessels require short pulse widths to match their thermal relaxation time
  • Large diameter vessels require a longer pulse duration to effectively thermo-coagulate the entire vessel

Skin Rejuvenation with 1064nm — Skin Types I –III (Type IV with lower fluence)

  • Sun damage, red or ruddy complexion, discrete telangiectasia, uneven pigmentation and skin textures
  • Feathering Technique with short pulse width & rapid hertz
  • No cooling required
  • Sun damaged skin, deeper penetration
  • Deep heating with higher energy and longer pulse durations
  • Topical may be needed

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